Spring Break is here!

Hey! It’s spring break 2013! Are you excited?! Well I am! But even though it is spring break doesn’t mean we still can’t be safe, so I am going to show you some things:
#1- Road safety
During spring break everyone is drinking and driving or texting and driving ex. So this is a little video that will help you cross the street safely:

#2- Bikers
You have to Stop, look and listen even more for spring break! You will either be on your bike, or someone will be on theirs, and you don’t want to get hit! So here is just a way to stay safe on your bike:

#3- Sunburn season
Sunburns are something you want to avoid in general, but for spring break you might want to put a little more sunscreen on! Cause man, it will hurt. So here is another video that will hopefully convince you to put some on this sunny season:

Have fun and still stay safe! I hope that you are persuaded to do so!



Hale and Hearty

Hey! I am advertising for a new business called  Hale and Hearty! Here it goes!

 First I am going to tell you how Hale and Hearty started…

It all started when Brittany and Marla (the owners of the business)  realized that they had to make food everyday for their children and it had to be all natural, and it was getting tiring.

Brittany’s brother, Jared, was starting to come over to our house to use our all natural ingredients, for his own recipes.

The family realized how good they were and chose to start Hale and Hearty.

To make a food difference!

What Hale and Hearty will be serving: They will be serving delicious, all natural, frozen foods. You can order online at www.haleandhearty30a.com 

Where you will see them: You will be able to see them every Saturday at the farmers market, starting March 2nd.

Hale and Hearty logo:


Please buy their food! And you will be making a difference!


Van the man


Van is my 6 year old  brother. We call him Van the Man and this blog post is all about him. He likes to build with legos and blocks, catch bugs, and he is a master at climbing trees. One of his best features is his big dimples (but mom is the only one that […]

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Chocolate Chip Cake


My friend, Adi, came over to my house, and when she was here we made cake. We had just finished swimming so our outfits were very interesting. The cake was great. Here is the recipe. Ingredients: 5 cups blanched almond flour 1 teaspoon sea salt 1 teaspoon baking soda 2/3 cup coconut oil 1/2 cup […]

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Designing your life


One thing I like to do is design clothes, except they’re barbie doll clothes. For example, I would take a shirt I didn’t need, the ends of jeans that were too long,  a tablecloth or any kind of fabric that I wasn’t using. I would cut it up and make some really cute clothes for […]

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Smoothie TIME!!!!


Today I made one of the most delicious smoothies ever. These are the ingrediants: 2 small bananas 1 cup of frozen unsweetend strawberries 3/4 cups of almond milk Get out blender and blend. When you’re done with them in the blender, take out and you have a great smoothie!!!! That everyone will like!!!!

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It was a hot summer day and so I thought that I should make some popsicles, but it turns out they weren’t any normal popsicles they were fudgesicles! They tasted so smooth and they were completely edible, and this is how you make them. (makes 6 fudgesicles ) 2 cups raw milk 1/2 a cup […]

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Strawberry Blueberry Coconut Popsicles!


This how you make strawberry blueberry coconut popsicles. Makes 6 popsicles.   Part 1 Ingredients: 1 cup canned coconut milk    8 frozen strawberries 2/3 drops of stevia Blend all ingredients. Pour into popsicle molds. Only half way. Keep tops off, then put in freezer. Wait a few hours. Then, make sure that it is […]

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How to Host a Sleep-Over


Well, my friends, Miranda, Juliette, and Olivia came to spend the night. Miranda is the one with the dark skin, she has black hair, and a blue strapless dress. Juliette is the one with the shorts  and the sparkly top , with a black hat on. Olivia is the one in the white shorts and […]

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My Dad


My dad thinks this is his time to shine on my blog, so this is going to be all about him. First of all, dad loves to garden. He has two vegetable gardens, and  one fruit garden. He also likes to yolo board, shoot his bow and arrow, and hang with his friends and family. […]

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