On this blog I will be posting:

Starts of novels





Clothing Design



And even more!





  1. Alice and Tate says:

    I think you have a really cool blog. I never thought that you would have one. Hope to see you soon! Alice

    You have a cool blog and I know that you didn’t have one and I like your pictures and I like the popsicle and I like the pictures of the popsicle and I hope you enjoy your day. And, I like your blueberry popsicle. And I like your house, and you! And I hope you have a rainbow at your house. And, what’s your favorite color?
    Love, Tate

  2. Alice, thanks for commenting on my blog!!!, Avery

    Tate, thanks for wishing a rainbow over my head, I’ll need one.
    P.S. my favorite color is light blue!!!, Avery

  3. Aunt Stacy says:

    Avery, Your BLOG is AMAZING! Your writing is really good and I can tell how excited you are about all the things you are doing. The boys and are going to try your popsicle recipes today for the 4th of July! The clothes that you made for your Barbie dolls are terrific! I think you are a great designer! I look forward to seeing what else you come up with!!!

    I miss seeing your beautiful face!! I will keep reading your blog so I can see all the wonderful things that you are up to.

    Love you very much! Aunt Stacy

  4. seth schwartzberg says:

    hay avery, I love your blog

  5. Thanks so much seth,Avery

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