I love to write! Here is a preview of a novel I am working on:

           The ground started to shake. Everyone was running, screaming, panicking. The volcano that was thought to be dormant was erupting. Our town was being destroyed. And all was lost.


          I wrote in my journal, describing the things that had happened. Only a few had survived, I was one of them.

When it had happened I was at the market, I saw the lava rushing down the volcano, everyone was trembling, almost unable to move until they were sure the volcano was actually erupting. But when they were sure, they all screamed and ran. Where as I stayed still, unable to move. My arm stretched far, as if I was telling the volcano to stop. It went around me. I was just standing still and the lava cut in half, splitting, protecting me from it’s harmful heat. Finally, all strength had left me, and I fell. Confused, I was lying down, and then, my eyes shut.